Asian Interior Design

The Bedroom

Start by positioning your bed in a dark corner away from the entrance. Keep the bed out of any area that contains sharp objects and make sure the bedroom doesn’t have any overhead beams. Beams are considered bad luck. If you have moved into a new home consider purchasing a new bed I know this can be a little too extreme/ expensive for some but a new bed symbolizes a positive and new beginning.

The Dining room

Don’t worry about spending a fortune on your silverware of dishes this is totally unnecessary. Your dinning room is not for showing off its meant to be simple its purpose is to share food simple as that. Worry pushes positive chi out of the environment so the last thing you need to do is have to worry about your expensive furniture while eating a meal with your family so again keep it simple nothing flashy.


Keep all sharp objects out of view we’ve all witnessed or heard stories of children playing in the kitchen and cutting themselves or their peers with sharp utensils.


Keep plugs plugged in the sinks even when water is not in use. The belief is that water is powerful and unplugged sinks symbolize water flowing away taking with it both money and luck.

Main Entrance

Should be clutter free and inviting no one feels invited or welcome in a dirty environment. Welcoming mats offer a positive chi to the visitors of your home. Mats are also a symbol of respect encouraging visitors to wipe their shoes on them

Living room

Everyone should be facing one another so it’s best to arrange your chairs in such a way that always everyone to face each other. Try to keep television away from the sitting area it takes the focus off the original theme and keeps people from interacting as their time will be consumed in what most call “stupid box”. Use a divider to divide the living room and dinning room. It’s had to put 100% into your guest or peers if you’re looking over at the dinning room every couple of minutes “Out of sight out of mind”

Hope these tips have helped some stay tuned for my next batch of Asian d├ęcor tips

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