Asian Decorating Suggestions

Asian Decorating Suggestions

Asian home decor is very popular because its principles are simple and it pays attention to space required. Asian home decorating is believed to have originated from two schools – one from Japan and the other from China.

Starting with the Chinese origin, Asian home decorating is called Feng Shui which gives the idea of object positioning and space. Asian home decorating relates the house with health and wealth. However, Feng Shui is more common in kitchens. The heart and soul of the home is many times regarded as the kitchen. So, any kind of Asian home decorating in the kitchen will surely affect the whole of the house as well as the family. The positioning of the laughing Buddha, either as a statue or as a copper wall decor, is an ordinary part of Feng Shui. It adds a lively power in your house.

An often found symbol in Asian decorating is the Chinese dragon, which is thought to generate good energy within your home while also keeping negative spirits away from your home. In Asian home decorating, Money Frogs are used to increase the treasures and success in your house. Generally created from jade or agate, these frogs symbolize good fortune from intelligence and hard work; money frogs are often found in metal wall sculptures or contemporary wall hangings as well. It is believed that an Asian crystal globe can ensure a healthy state of body and mind. This crystal ball is the most well known cure which stimulates positive energy in the house when rays of sun fall on it. Along with these, various other animal figures found in Asia like jade horses are also used for this purpose.

From the Japanese view point, furnishing and decorating one’s home is an important task. It deals with spatial issues rather than focusing on the objects to draw or resist energies. It makes use of Shoji screens that function to section the area dependent upon its type and purpose in the living area. Only a single Shoji screen can turn a dull room into a striking area for entertaining. The Shoji screens are built using rice paper and are sold in various colors and styles. Another important element of Asian home decorating is light. The boxy structure of the Japanese lamps imitates power and essence. Covered with thin rice papers these lamps allow sufficient light to come out to exhibit the images on it. Other than the rice paper, these lamps are frequently constructed from silk.

Tables, lamps, stools, and chairs all have a spot in Asian home decorating. Every single item is created for its unique beauty. Asian home decorating is very well known for their durability and leaves an ever lasting impression on the viewer. The fact that many of these items are eco-friendly has helped to spur their popularity quickly.

Asian home decorating is also available in the Patio furniture style in the market and there is something that fits to every house. This style is very attractive and has been used constantly as a traditional decorative in the houses. The popularity of Asian interior design is multiplying in Western culture.

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